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Wednesday Night Workouts

Competitive Courses, Challenges & Workouts

Are you ready to unleash your inner "BARC BEAST"?

come join us!!

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Curious about what our workouts look like...   Here are some great examples!!

Class Highlights & Pics

Video Clips

When:   Wednesdays at 5:30PM

Where: Field Behind the Blue Ash Rec Center


Lower Level of the Blue Ash Rec Center

When the weather doesn't cooperate...

How it Works:  Large scale obstacle courses will be held once a month (last Wednesday of the month).  The other days will be a combination of fitness challenges and instructional workouts designed to increase your strength, endurance and teach you proper form. 

Pricing:  Passes are sold in multiple class bundles or by cash walk-in fee.  Workouts are led by both Dan Guthrie & Dustin Barton, providing individualized attention throughout each class.  

Click Here for more detailed pricing and payment information.

*Course is separate from the Rec Center's regular group fitness passes and payment is made directly to the instructors.  You will receive instruction that is above and beyond what you would receive in a regular group fitness class due to the dual instructor format and the expertise of Dan Guthrie & Dustin Barton.  

Click Here to learn more about your instructors.​

Participants of all ability levels are welcome.  Must be 13 years of age or older. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent signed waiver (see below to print off waiver).   You do not have to be a Rec Member, workouts are open to anyone.

Please either bring both signed waivers or we will also have them on site.


Participants must be 13 or older but all participants

under the age of 18 must have a both waivers signed by a parent.

Waiver 1              Waiver 2

Other Details:​

  • Please arrive as close to 5:30pm as possible.  Proper warm-up and initial introduction to the workout, challenge or course is important for successful completion of the routine.​

  • Located in the field behind the Blue Ash Rec Center during the warmer seasons.  For inclimate weather or as the weather gets too cold we will meet in the Rec Center Lower Level.  We will utilize the large basement footprint, the tower stairwell and the fitness center track for our indoor workouts.

  • We recommend parking in the back of the parking lot and walking around the service drive behind the rec center to find us when the season and weather allows us to be outside.​

  • Like my Facebook Page to receive information about potential cancellations, as well as staying up to date with upcoming fitness challenges.  

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