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Wednesday Night Workouts

Pricing & Payment

If you purchase a class package online please bring your receipt with you to show proof of purchase.  

An email receipt on your phone is also okay.  We just need to confirm payment.  Passes can be purchased for someone else but they will need to present proof of payment via payment receipt as well.

Every Wednesday evening you will receive instruction from two experienced personal trainers.  This is a great value for the extra attention you will receive.  The unique approach, access to specialized equipment and two instructors really set this apart from a your normal fitness class.

Purchase Via PayPal
Cash Discount on Site
10 Class Package*
Walk-In Fee
Cash Only
*Come try it out!  If you love the first class and decide you want to purchase a 10 Class Package we will gladly apply that first walk in fee to that purchase.  Please be aware that we have a no refund policy with 10 Class Passes.
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