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Custom Workout Plans

Health, Strength, Stamina, Etc...

You Name the Goals and I'll Help You Achieve Them

To get started please contact me below by providing some basic information about yourself and your goals.  I will promptly follow up with you via email and together we will build one more more routines to help you achieve your goals. 

I will cater these workouts to your time restraints, any specific equipment you have access to, and any other hurdles that life presents.  I will provide detailed workout descriptions and/or videos that demonstrate proper form when necessary.  

Fees for this service are as follows:


Initial Consultation & 1 Custom Workout:  $20

Initial Consultation & 10 Custom Workouts:  $100

After Completion of Initial Consultation

  • Additional Individual Workouts:  $10   

  • Additional Package of 10 Workouts:  $90

*Initial Consultation Required

*Payments made via PayPal or Venmo after Initial Consultation.

Thanks! Looking forward to learning more about your fitness goals. I will be in touch soon!

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