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Facebook Training Group
  • Just click the link above and request access to the Facebook group "Dan G Training Group" to get started today!
  • Most importantly - You can check it out for FREE!  Requesting initial access is as easy clicking the button above and answering a few easy questions.  I won't be taking any credit card information etc - so it is 100% pay as you go and I'm aiming to make it super affordable and worth your time.  Once you are in the group you will be able to view any workouts I've posted up to this point so you'll get chance to look at past workouts and decide if this is truly for you.
  • Additional free content is available on my regular Dan Guthrie Fitness Facebook page.  I'll post the 1st workout of every week as a teaser, sharing some of the content I will be posting in my private Facebook group.  Click Here to go to my Dan Guthrie Fitness Facebook page.
  • Payment for the group is due on Sundays by Noon.  If you would like to stay in the group the following fees apply:
    • 1 Week - $5​
    • 5 Weeks - $20
    • Payable via PayPal (@danguthriefitness) or Venmo (@danguthrie22)
  • Group Membership will get you access to the following:
    • 5 workouts a week created by a Certified Personal Trainer
      • Workouts will be prescribed for Monday - Friday, with a break on the weekends.  It's encouraged to do the workouts as prescribed but if you miss a day you will have the weekend to make it up. 
    • Access to a private Facebook Group where you will have access to the posted workouts, receive guidance and encouragement from your trainer (Dan), and gain access to a community working hard together on a daily basis.
  • Do I need equipment?
    • It is not mandatory but it is highly encouraged to get access to some basic equipment.  I will provide modifications for those without equipment (there will just be some limitations to exercise variety).
      • Resistance Band - Medicine Ball (6-12 lbs) - Dumbbells
      • Body weight workouts are great but a little bit of equipment goes a long way to adding diversity to your routines.
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