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Build a Booty

Building a great booty is not easy and requires a lot of effort.  But the right exercises, built into the right program can make your path to filling out your favorite pair of jeans much easier.

This program will help you to create the athletic and shapely booty that will make those around you jealous and the man or woman in your life very happy.

Equipment Access Recommendations: 

Hip Circle Resistance Band, 12-20lb Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, Incline Bench, Barbell & Weight Plates, Squat Rack, Multi-Hip

The Traveler

Attractive Man Does Crossfit With Trx Fi

Exercising while traveling is definitely a challenge.  The hardest part is never being 100% sure what kind of equipment is available. 

I prefer to plan workouts that are body weight oriented and can be performed inside your hotel room.  I highly recommend a TRX Strap or Monkii Strap to travel with as they provide lots of options.  These are a few of my go to workouts during my travels.


Equipment Needs: TRX, Monkii Bars, or Pocket Monkii

Six Pack Abs

Let's be real for a second...  This look doesn't happen without maintaining a proper balance with your diet. But diet alone doesn't give you that ripped six pack.


These routines shares some of my favorite exercises that help give your mid-section that chiseled look you've always wanted.


Equipment Needs: 

Get Your Sexy Back

I think we can all agree that a sexy, well sculpted back on a man or a woman is very appealing.  Learn how to target the muscles in your arms, shoulders and upper back to get the definition you've been seeking.

The muscles of the back are fun to work because they are big, strong muscles that develop quickly.  This also means that a well developed back can be an effective way to give your metabolism a boost!

Equipment Needs:

Beach Body

This is a total body routine because we all want to look great from head toe when we are on the beach.  But there is special emphasis on the arms and abs in this workout.  


The focus is getting great size and definition out of the muscles you are training.  It's a great way to fast track your way to looking great in a bathing suit.

Equipment Needs:

The Warrior

These workout routines are for that gritty "I've got a bit of a mean streak" side of you that doesn't mind getting a little dirty.  Not only will regular integration of these routines get your body looking strong and chiseled, but they are also great for increasing athletic based performance.  

It's as much about mentally conquering the workout as it is physically conquering it.  You'll find that those two concepts work hand in hand.  

Equipment Needs:

Long and Lean

The exercises in these routines focus on maintaining and increasing your flexibility.  But even those lifting heavy and aiming to make big strength and size gains will love the balance this routine brings to the table.

These are my go to routines when I'm feeling beat up and tight, or just looking for a routine to make me feel strong, lean and flexible.

Equipment Needs:

The Athlete

Remember those high school and/or college routines that were a great balance between increasing your endurance, strength and agility.  These workouts are a throwback to those routines.

Our goal here will be to get out of breath and add a little pep back into your step.  Mastering these routines will have you feeling strong, agile and like you are ready to tackle anything in front of you.

Equipment Needs: 


Welcome to my Playground

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Each package consists of 3 unique workouts and costs only $9.

That's only $3 per workout!!

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